Catalina is currently Visting Assistant Professor of Harpsichord at Oberlin Conservatory (USA) and harpsichord-research lecturer at the Royal Conservatory in Brussels (Belgium). She's regularly invited to hold master-classes for historical keyboards and to give specialized courses and seminars for medieval and renaissance music, medieval organ, organetto (portative organ) around the world.

Some of these educational activities are open to all interested individuals, some also open to active and passive students and in few cases restricted to institution members. 




Royal Conservatory of Brussels

Harpsichord In-Forms Workshops


Brussels - Belgium

Harpsichord Master-Classes

Antique Keyboards Collection at Flintwoods

7-11 January 2020

Delaware - USA


Medieval Keyboards and Renaissance Harpsichord

Master-Classes at Tours Conservatory

5-6 March 2020

Tours - France

Medieval Portative Organ Course

20. Etappe Alte Musik Burg Fürsteneck

13-15 March 2020

Burg Fürsteneck - Germany

Virginal Master-Classes

Antique Instrument Collection at Horniman Museum

29 April 2020

London - England

Organetto Festival Courses and Master-Classes

Arosa Musikwochen

12-18 July 2020

Arosa, Switzerland

Renaissance Organ Master-Classes

St Andrews Organ Week

July 2020

St Andrews - Scotland