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A Renaissance harpsichord tale

Il Cembalo di Partenope

"This is spellbinding.

Catalina Vicens has the uncommon ability to take the listener to a different world in seconds." - B.L., American Record Guide.

Includes a free Audio Book of
'A Renaissance harpsichord Tale'

"...with 'Il Cembalo di Partenope', Vicens not only weaves a kaleidoscopic tapestry with musical threads but creates her own context for the chosen music in an imaginatively conceived and thoughtfully written ‘Renaissance tale..."

- Voix des Arts

My sincere gratitude to the National Music Museum (USA), for their kind invitation to make this debut recording of one of their oldest treasures; to Cleveland Johnson and John Koster for their trust and support throughout the recording process and to Jonas Niederstadt for his patience and dedication.

A special thanks to all those who made this recording possible by supporting the crowd-funding campaign launched in 2015, either financially or by helping to spread the word. Without them, this project would not have been possible:

T. & D. Strange, H. Takayama, E. Hilti, C. G. Lewis, P. von Ins, J. & B. Groves, E. Wright, D. Page, R. Neff & N. Platt, S. Sullivan, R. Kelly, S. LeBas, L. Villalba, J. Bengoa, C. and E. Merritt, M. Messiter, A. Dorwarth, P. Jéldrez, A. Vicens, G. Urrutia, R. Jablonka, J. Dillon, D. Cates, G. Payne, K, Wasilewski, S. Davis, J. Schwotzer, P. Gabler, L. McCroskey, S. Sempé, P. Croton, M. Jans, B. Strange, S. Hilti, A. H. Schlick, L. Reed, G. Meza, R. Vicens, P. Vicens, I. Taha, S. La Barbera, M. Davidson, J. McCarthy, L. Álvarez Lepeley, M. & G. Weinmann, L. Libin, C. Berger, N. Vicens, J. Braunfeld, J. Brodie, G. Falabella, E. Fuentes, M. Lodico, E. Yeo, M. Fulgenstad, G. Minoletti, K. Young, J. McCarty, J. van der Giessen, E. Strijbos, F. Montenegro, D. Kuckhermann, C. Bertucci, J. Coopersmith, N. O'Sullivan, J. Olivares, J. McKean, V. Nuti, Y. Terenyi, T. Marshall, T. Murach, S. Skyrm, S. Keith Gray, S. Hellauer, T. Rorato, R. Gonzalez, R. Lindemuelder, R. Cook, R. Kerr, P. Weston,  M. Grimmons, J. Grier, H. Parrott, E. Browne, D. Koeppe, D. Rezende Porto, C. Geiculescu, B. D'Oliveira, B. Jones, L. Party, T. de Goede, R. Weinmann, K. Marshall, C. Farace, F. Barrientos, M. A. Parias, D. Larsen, C. Gevert, D. Amrine, F. Bannwart, A. Woolley, M. Unger, D. Molnar, I. de Avena, P. Aguilera, M. A. Romano, D. Dunkelblum, D. Feldman, S. Goldman, W. Tiersma, K. Vernon, B. Angelica, V. Wolfe, M. Canales, M, Volovsky, L. Shallat, J. Steen, C. Jéldrez, R. Tifft, R. Moriah, P. Bornhofen, B. Wilson, C. Renoldson, M. Huertas, A. M Lira, E. Jéldrez, S. Vicens, M. Pola, A. Jéldrez, J. Louder, P. Wortsman and my supportive family.

Available as Audio CD, MP3 and FLAC on:
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