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Vocal & Instrumental Music from the Humanist Period



The ensemble brings together the power of acclaimed vocal and instrumental soloists with vast experience in historically informed performance in a musical atmosphere of respect; A creative space where diversity is seen as enrichment and the common language is the joy making music together.


Their programs are designed not to only bring an almost forgotten repertoire to contemporary audiences, but to immerse them in a sensual experience. Poetry, dramaturgy and musical text transport the listener back to an era of though, introspection and beauty.


Programs ranging from 3 singers to a large Renaissance instrumental ensemble with a boys choir, performing music and texts from the early 14th century till the end of the 16th century.


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Renaissance and Baroque music ensemble



Ensemble La Traditora's successful Swiss debut was applauded with standing ovations, and since then, they have committed themselves to a dynamic interaction with their audience; their performances are full of virtuosity, color and playful confrontation.

Coming from different cultures, French, Catalan and Chilean, Amélie Chemin (bass and treble viol), Maria Ferré (lutes, early guitars and theorbo) and Catalina Vicens (historic percussions organ and harpsichord), have integrated their diversity into a common language of intensity, sensuality and humor. La Traditora offers a vast range of renaissance and baroque music, which showcases their spontaneous musicianship. They collaborate as well with prestigious guest musicians for enriching their diversity of programs....


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APOTHEOSIS Orchestra dir. K. Bernolet          (Baroque)                                          BE
ARS CHORALIS COELN  / dir. Maria Jonas        (Medieval)                                        DE
CAPPELLA MARIANA / dir. Vojtěch Semerád     (Renaissance and Baroque)          CZ
CAPRICCIO STRAVAGANTE / dir. Skip Sempé     (Renaissance and Baroque)         FR
CONCERTO SCIROCCO / dir. Giulia Genini        (Renaissance and Baroque)         CH
DUO MARTI - VICENS                                     (Medieval)                                       CH
DUO PER FAR LIETO / Vicens-Kuckhermann      (Medieval and Fusion)                  DE
DUO VICENS - VAN DEN BORRE                                (Late Baroque / Classical)           BE
LA CETRA Barockorchester/ dir. Andrea Marcon      (Baroque)                                       CH
LA FONTE MUSICA / dir. Michele Pasotti           (Medieval)                                       IT
LES RICHES HEURES / dir. M. Andrea Parias      (Medieval)                                       FR
MEDIVA / dir. Ann Allen                                   (Medieval and Fusion)                   UK
MUSICA TEMPRANA / dir. Adrian R. van der Spoel     (Baroque)                                        NL
ROMANZA                                                               (Medieval)                                       NL
ROSELIS / dir. Anaïs Ramage                            (Medieval)                                      FR
SUPER LIBRUM / dir. Jankees Braaksma            (Medieval and Renaissance)       NL
TRIO Friman-Ambrosini-Vicens                            (Medieval and Folk)                     SE/DE
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