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Organic Creatures

Medieval Organs


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Consouling Sounds, 2020

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"With reconstructions based on historical images to the oldest playable organ in the world, Vicens designs the fascinating and multifaceted sound image of a long time ago and at the same time builds an exciting bridge into the 21st century. Outstanding!" - G.K., Deutsche Schallplatten Kritik Award.

"The result is as spiritual as it is profound. Vicens goes to the inner body of the organ, a deep, full sound as if one looks into the open mouth of a creature that lures you...


You will never look at heritage the same way again" - V. D.,


  • Organetti by S. & A. Keppler,  J. Rohlf and W. van der Putten

  • Pigeon Egg Organ by W. van der Putten

  • Van Eyck Organ, reconstruction after the Ghent Altarpiece (1432) by W. van der Putten 

  • Gothic organ at St Andreas church Ostönnen, Germany (ca.1425)

  • Renaissance organ at Maria church Krewerd, the Netherlands (1531)

Guest Performers:

  • Christophe Deslignes and Jankees Braaksma

  • Calcants: Jonas Niederstadt and Christophe Deslignes

CD 1


1. Quia ergo femina

Hildegard von Bingen (1098-1179) 

2. Creation (or the nation of creatures)

Catalina Vicens (*1983)

3. Organum: Alleluia

Pérotin (fl. ca. 1200)

4. Planctus: Quis dabit capiti

Anonymous from Codex Las Huelgas (14th c.)

5. Benedicamus (Aquam)

Anonymous from Codex Las Huelgas


6. In omni fratre tuo

Philip the Chancellor (ca. 1160-1236)

7. Presul nostri temporis

Anonymous from Magnus Liber Organi W1 (13th c.)

8. Per non far lieto

Gherardello da Firenze (ca. 1320-ca. 1363)

9. Chominciamento di gioia

Anonymous from GB-Lbl Add. MS 29987 (14th c.)

10. Ecco la primavera

Francesco Landini (ca. 1325-1397)

11. Un fiore gentil

A. Zacara da Teramo (ca. 1350-1413) from Codex Faenza

12. Benedicamus (Pneumatem)

Anonymous from GB-Ob MS. C. Pat. L. 229  (14th c.) 


13. Audi, pontus; audi, tellus

Anonymous from Codex Las Huelgas 

14. Redeuntes in La

Anonymous from Buxheimer Orgelbuch (late 15th c.) 

15. Frowe al myn hoffen

Adam Ileborgh (fl. 1448) 

16. Adieu ma tres belle

Gilles Binchois (ca. 1400-1460) from Buxheimer Orgelbuch

17. In.pulsio

Catalina Vicens 

18. It is to me a ryght

Henry VIII (1491-1547) 

19. Puzzle-canon

John Dunstaple (ca. 1390-1453)

20. Tristitia vestra

Heinrich Isaac (ca. 1450-1517) from Amerbach Tabulatur

21. Benedicamus (Terram)

Anonymous  from Codex Faenza (late 14th c. - early 15th c.) 

CD 2


1. Trans.Animam

Catalina Vicens (*1983) 

2. Organum: Sancte 

Anonymous from Codex Montpellier (late 13th c.)


3. Unicornis captivatur

Anonymous from Codex Engelberg (14th c.) 

4. Lamento of Ananias

Olli Virtaperko (*1973) 

5. Cronopio’s eye tic

Catalina Vicens 

6. Honte, paour, doubtance

Guillaume de Machaut (ca. 1300-1377) from C. Faenza

7. Procurans odium

Anonymous from I-Fl MS Pluteus 29.1 (13th c.) 

8. Nova Cantiga: Rondeau

Carson Cooman (*1982) 

9. Sor Seres

Catalina Vicens 

10. Inperaytriz de la ciutat joyosa

Ivan Moody  (*1964) 

11. Sor Día

Catalina Vicens

12. Redeuntes in idem

Anonymous from Buxheimer Orgelbuch 

13. Squonk Diptych – I. Weeping

Prach Boondiskulchok (*1985)

14. Squonk Diptych – II. Chacona 

Prach Boondiskulchok 

15. Ex.anima

Catalina Vicens

17. Si dormiero 

Heinrich Isaac (ca. 1450-1517) from Codex Amerbach


16. Ex.pulsio 

Catalina Vicens 

18. Nothingness 

Catalina Vicens

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